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Safety Overview

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The intention behind Highest Light ceremonies is for them to be transformative and enjoyable experiences.

However, we are working with powerful plant medicine in a group setting, so we want to make sure to create a safe and supportive environment for everyone involved.

While Cannabis {Santa Maria} is considered by many to be much milder than Psilocybin Mushrooms, Ayahausca, and other psychedelics, this is not always the case. It hasn't always been the case for me.


Depending on the dose, strain, method of ingestion, frequency of use, setting, mindset, intention, and the overall sensitivity of the individual, Cannabis has the potential to deliver very intense experiences, sometimes equaling and even surpassing other psychedelics.

Everyone’s relationship with Cannabis is different. Personally, even though I consider myself to be very experienced with this plant teacher, I happen to be hypersensitive and have had my share of intense and challenging experiences.  


I take great care in designing all aspects of the ceremony, keeping in mind that many people are as sensitive as myself.  

COVID-19 Safety (applies to live in-person ceremonies)

-All are welcome, but if you are experiencing any cold/flu-like symptoms, stay at home. And if you believe that you may be susceptible to a more serious outcome from COVID-19, or if you are fearful of contracting the virus, please do not attend. 
-COVID-19 guidelines are reevaluated and updated prior to each live ceremony, taking into consideration state and local regulations.  


For your safety, as part of the registration process, we conduct a health screening. This is a Health -- Self-Assessment questionnaire that we ask you to complete. Your responses are private and need not be shared with us; however, it is essential to complete this on your own, as your responses will inform how you answer the Participation Agreement.

The Participation Agreement states the rules that you must agree to prior to attending the ceremony. It also requests a bit of information about your current and past relationship to Cannabis and other psychedelics. It is not mandatory that you include information about any previous psychedelic experiences. For various reasons, this is a sensitive subject for some. If you do choose to share this info, it will help us to get to know you better. 

Once you are accepted for an upcoming ceremony and have submitted payment, you will receive an email message with information to let you know what to expect, how to prepare, and what to bring.


Both the Health -- Self-Assessment questionnaire and the Participation Agreement must be completed before attending your first ceremony, and then, going forward, only once each calendar year.

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Highest Light ceremonies are not about getting grossly intoxicated. The intention is to commune with just enough Cannabis to bring about the desired outcomes. Sometimes that means taking enough to bring us to our edge, the point where there is challenge, and a possibility for growth without being overwhelmed.


Like snowboarding or surfing, if our goal is to grow, we want to experience just the right level of difficulty and intensity so that there is a bit of a challenge, but not so much that we are continuously falling off our board and wiping out.  

Having said that, overdoing it on occasion isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially in a safe and supportive setting. Sometimes to learn where our edges are, we have to fall off the board from time to time. We provide a safe environment and teach the skills to be able to handle more challenging experiences. 

On the day of, before we commence the ceremony, we give you an overview of what to expect, as well as expected participant etiquette.


We also have a sober skills workshop where we discuss tools to help you have a more rewarding journey and minimize any unwanted outcomes, so you can "stay on your board" in rougher conditions.


We try not to be overprotective and coddle you, but if you fall, we got you.


Cannabis -- Compliance and Dosing

In compliance with all Colorado and local laws, Cannabis is not included in your admission to any Highest Light ceremony. We do not sell any Cannabis products containing THC.

Members/participants of the Highest Light community

bring both Cannabis-infused oil (coconut and ghee) and dried flower to share.

All participants are required to bring a minimum of one gram of Cannabis flower from a dispensary in the original dispensary packaging with an unbroken seal. 

During each ceremony, participants have the option to smoke/vape the Cannabis flower that they bring, OR share in Cannabis oil donated by other members (if and when available).

Any Cannabis oil that is donated by members of our community is lovingly homegrown using only organic growing methods. 


The common understanding is that edibles are more potent than smoking or vaping, and while there is some truth to this, it is dependent on the dose and sensitivity of the individual.


One toke of high-THC flower from a pipe may be more potent than a 15 mg edible. I speak from experience. Having said that, edibles are known to deliver more intense experiences at higher doses.


Even though any Cannabis oil that is available during the ceremony is donated and shared by members/participants, we do have a limit to how much we will allow you to consume as a first-time participant in a Highest Light ceremony. For participants with little to no experience with Cannabis, we error on the side of caution.

While 15 mg of a THC edible may be way too much for some people, a 75 mg edible may not be enough for a regular medical or recreational Cannabis user. There can literally be a greater than 10x (1000%) difference in the minimum dose that a regular daily user and a non/infrequent user subjectively rate as strong. 

We get to know each participant’s past experience and current relationship with Cannabis, and other plant medicines, from the Participant Agreement, prior conversation, and on the day of ceremony.


If and when Cannabis oil is available, based on the information that we gather, we will suggest a recommended dose, as well as a maximum allowable dose for each participant during the ceremony. As discussed, it is different for everyone. We still have to use good judgement even if you are a regular user, and claim to have a very high tolerance. 

Participants ALWAYS have full discretion on how little they may consume. You may choose to consume nothing or any amount up to the maximum amount offered.


If and when available, any member-donated Cannabis oil is consumed in an organic and vegan chai tea that is made by Highest Light. The tea ingredients are available upon request. 

Participants have the option to smoke/vape the flower that they bring, or share in Cannabis tea (when available). Strictly for safety reasons, we do not allow both smoking/vaping AND consumption of tea in the same evening. So, if and when Cannabis oil is available, you will have to choose. 

Once again, Cannabis is not provided as part of your admission to any Highest Light ceremony. Any Cannabis oil that is available is donated by members/participants, so do not count on it. Be prepared to smoke/vape what you bring. 

Post Ceremony

All participants are forbidden from driving themselves from the ceremony. We want to make sure that everyone arrives home safely, and it is also illegal to drive while intoxicated. Each participant must arrange transportation from the event—rideshare (Uber, Lyft), Taxi, or designated driver.

Depending on the location and venue, some Highest Light ceremonies may require a mandatory sleepover. If this is the case, the requirement will be stated within the event details.

A Highest Light facilitator is available before the event, by phone or email, to answer any of your questions related to safety.


In the end, this is your decision.

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