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Cosmic Goddess and Eye Combined -- longe


Before reading on, I invite you to take a few moments to consider a deeper meaning of the story and see how your interpretation compares to the explanation that follows.


What does the shed represent?

And how about the serpent-rope?


What symbolizes Cannabis {Santa Maria}?


What is the Highest Light?



The shed represents a prison, partially of our own doing, that which is the confines of our mind.

The dark open space within the shed represents the unconscious mind, including the "blind spots" in our lives.


The shadowy serpent-rope, as the snake, symbolizes both fear and distortion.


The three coils of the serpent-rope represent our: 1. memories, 2. perceptions, and 3. imaginations.

As actual rope, the serpent-rope symbolizes the real work (climbing) that must be done in our lives to make the personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal progress that we so desire. 

The ceiling represents the unknown.

The smallest sliver of moonlight that entered through, and softly illuminated both the serpent-rope and the Skylight, represents Cannabis {Santa Maria}. 

Cannabis helped to make visible the shadowy serpent-rope, but it will not do the seeing, nor will it do the climbing for the prisoner. It is up to them to pay attention and choose whether to do the work and climb.

Cannabis, like other entheogens, is a powerful illuminator. It can brighten the unconscious mind for us, including the shadow self (hidden ego attachments and resistance), past traumas, and other blind spots. It can help make different perspectives and different options visible. It may also show us subtler aspects of reality

New Skylight 2.png

Cannabis is an ancient gift from the universe that can help to illuminate possible options in our life, but it is up to us to pay attention, to be open, and to recognize them. Distracted, resisting, or paralyzed with fear, it becomes difficult to see clearly and to notice other possibilities. 


A big part of what we focus on in journeywork is the development of awareness skills. This is the foundation and the center.

We work to develop strong inner guidance, while at the same time, training our minds and bodies to create inner peace, contentment, and joy in the moment. 

Unending. Never perfected. It's a practice. 

We must exercise caution. Within the shed (our mind), Cannabis may show us some things that we aren't prepared for, or ready to see. It is entirely possible that we may aggravate old traumas or create new ones.


Highest Light ceremonies provide every possible advantage to help keep you mentally, emotionally, and physically safe while you go within and explore. 

Just like the story, outside of the shed, we may still need to satisfy our hunger and deal with the current situations in our lives. We may even have a message to deliver--a mission, or purpose--a reason for being.

We must learn to use discernment because beyond the shed, venomous snakes are not always just a figment of our imagination. They do exist. 

In a living ceremony--outside of direct communion with our plant teachers--we must gather the courage to face the uncomfortable aspects of our lives that are in disrepair. If we desire to create lasting change in our lives, we must do the actual work that moves us closer to our chosen options.

No spiritual bypassing permitted.

While on the journey, let us have compassion for, and do what we can to help others that may be less fortunate. They may be emotionally or physically suffering, with few options, little hope and no identified purpose. Perhaps they are feeling stuck, helpless, lost somewhere in a shed. And sometimes, they may not have an easy way out. 

Only a journey that includes care and concern for all beings is an enlightened journey.

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notes from journeyers


"Our facilitator was very clear, organized, and intentional with setting a structure to ensure a safe and healthy journey. He offered us a map. Literally. As the medicine assimilated into our bodies we were guided in a variety of presence practices to be leaned on as a home base to come back to during our personal journey time. I found these very soothing and centering and appreciated the bridge that was created from sobriety into altered consciousness. For the next few hours, I dove into a deep state of awakened embodiment, guided by the most thoughtfully inspired musical playlist, as well as pauses of silence and live singing bowls. I felt safe to embark into the unknown, trusting the space, the practices, and the guide. I feel immense gratitude to the plant medicine for teaching me about myself, and appreciation for the skillful, loving-kindness of our guide.  For anyone curious about a cannabis ceremony, I highly recommend Highest Light as trusted, and heart-centered.
--Lisa Pranam, Lafayette CO

"One thing that was profound about the first experience with Highest Light was the care taken. Mark has an energetic way of making people feel welcome and warm. My experience has been that you enter into a clear guiding intention and process the moment you walk in the door. One of the unique parts about what Mark offers is that he has worked in a training protocol into the journey itself. He provides a scaffolded map of how to navigate the territory of a journey space through experiential practices. All of the techniques create a medicine bag of tools for my journey in a collective method. This method is one of the most valuable aspects that I’ve gotten out of participating in Highest Light journeys. If people are looking to try a plant medicine journey for the first time, I think a Cannabis ceremony is ideal. I think Highest Light is one of those great practitioners. And if you already have a plant medicine practice, and you want to up-level your skills about how you navigate your inner landscape, coming and trying this at least once makes complete sense."
-- Justin Taylor, Boulder CO

Justin Taylor.png

"I have sat in ceremony with Mark as my guide and I had a beautiful, safe, deeply healing experience. He has the highest of integrity and his heart is so pure and loving. I could totally surrender into the safety and divine love he created in our sacred space. I feel so much allowance to be my authentic self in his presence, to say what is in my heart and feel deeply held. His light and unconditional love and presence are transformative!'
-- Ananda Bologna, Atlanta GA

"I participated in one of Mark's cannabis ceremonies and had a wonderful experience!  He created a beautiful, comfortable space where everyone felt emotionally and physically safe during the whole process.  He took time at the beginning to clearly explain how the evening would go and what each of us could do to take care of ourselves and get the most out of our experience.  He also masterfully blended gentle music, mindfulness, and group discussion at the end of the journey, which made the overall experience delightfully holistic and collective. I highly recommend engaging in a ceremony." 
Eric A., Marietta GA

Naveen Hex 2.png

"I have had the great pleasure of experiencing several of Mark's sacred cannabis ceremonies. He holds the ceremonial space impeccably and they seem to keep getting better and better. His love for the medicine and his dedication to its reverential use as a transformational tool is clear and present. Mark goes to great lengths to teach the participant clear and practical mindfulness-based tools to utilize during the cannabis journey in order to get the most out of the experience. If you feel the impulse to sign up or even have curiosity about it, I suggest you give it a try. I am very confident you will not be disappointed."
Naveen Thomas MD, MPH  Boulder CO

"Thank you once again for the beautiful healing experience last night. The benefits and wisdom have continued into this morning and I expect them to continue to manifest in various ways for all my days. You truly are doing Love's work. Never stop."  
-- S.G.,  Denver CO

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