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Mark Abrams

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If we keep swimming far enough upstream, we will eventually arrive at the source of most of our personal, interpersonal, and collective suffering/challenges on this planet.


That source is consciousness. Much can be said about it, but in summary, it's been neglected and urgently needs some major tlc (and perhaps a little thc ;)

​My lifelong mission is to be a catalyst for personal and planetary healing through the evolution of consciousness (starting with my own), and its troublemaker offspring--thought.


In this life, I have experienced being a lost, confused, troubled soul with my own unique set of physical, emotional, mental, financial, relationship, existential, and other life challenges.

My unexamined consciousness and thoughts have taken me on quite the ride with many "wrong" turns.


Trying to correct course and find my way, I have been on an expansive personal journey of physical and emotional healing over the past 30 years--a regular meditator over the last ten years, and a seeker of truth all my life.


I remain an imperfect being with many flaws (to use polite language). I do my best to accept and embrace them all while chipping away. Awareness is the first step.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set [it] free. 



Wholeheartedly committed to the path of awakening, by living life as a ceremony, I am a practitioner of the way of Kriya Yoga as taught by the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda. 


Combined with Kriya Yoga teachings, meditation, and many other sober practices (including shadow work)--the intentional, intelligent, and skillful use of plant medicines like Ayahuasca, Psilocybe Mushrooms, the San Pedro cactus, and Cannabis {Santa Maria}, have been instrumental in my journey of self-discovery and personal evolution, continuously informing and refining my path.

Cannabis is currently my main plant-ally. In addition to significant direct experience over many years with this sacred plant, I am in my 4th year of openly guiding group journeys.

I have extensively studied the historical and modern spiritual use of Cannabis for inner exploration and healing. I continue to learn and grow--ALWAYS remaining a student.


On the safety end, I have completed an intensive psychedelic-harm-reduction certificate program from Medicinal Mindfulness, located in Boulder, CO.

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I am currently training as an Addiction, Recovery, and Psychedelic Integration coach through the Being True to You network. If I can keep up with my homework, I intend to be certified by January, 2021. 

I am passionate about assisting this sacred and ancient plant teacher, through Highest Light--Cannabis {Santa Maria} Living Journeywork Ceremonies--bringing what I believe to be "her" greatest gift to the world.

The concept of Highest Light is my best attempt at symbology and metaphor to describe what guides my life, my work, and the orientation of this specific project.

I am. . . guided by a personal highest light. This is a guidance system from within and inspired from source. This guidance asks me to pay attention, and accept all that is. It asks to balance kindness toward myself and other. It asks me to be as kind as I can be and no less kind than I need to be--always. This guidance has called me to serve it and share it with others. It asks me to co-lead with an open heart and an attentive discerning mind. The guidance is inspired by the stories and observations of other beings, and yet it originates from beyond. As I do my best to be in alignment with this guidance and continue to move more fully into it, I often fall on and off the path. My highest light is always insight. Locating and recognizing it is conscious choice, and a continuous practice. 


In 2016, I started Spread the Hug, a project to reduce fear and intolerance in the world, and encourage a culture of kindness.

I have been at work on a new project since 2017. It is called circle and it is my most ambitious project. It's a brand new medium of exchange. It is for you. It is in my heart and I can feel it coming alive. It will be available when the time is ripe--soon.

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