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Sacred Cannabis 
Healing Ceremony


Sat, 9/26/20  -- 4:20 to 11:00 pm 

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Ticket sales end Thurs 9/24 @ 5 pm

Venue: a private sanctuary in North Boulder -- address provided upon registration

***COVID-19 Safety Information:
-We are limiting participants so that we can maintain adequate social distancing.

-All participants are required to wear a mask into the venue and when moving throughout. 
-All are welcome, but if you believe that you may be susceptible to a more serious outcome from COVID-19, or if you are fearful of contracting the virus, please do not attend. 
-We will do our best with safety, but there are no guarantees. W
e are still hanging out together indoors for many hours.



***Must arrange a ride or rideshare (Lyft, Uber) to and from the ceremony. Absolutely no driving. The venue is located in North Boulder. 



There is a third way to use Cannabis (beyond recreational and medical), as a sacred and ancient plant teacher.


Cannabis {Santa Maria} has been used ceremonially in almost every major religion, and its spiritual use goes back thousands of years, predating all religious traditions.


Join Mark Abrams as he guides you into developing a deeper connection with yourself, and this sacred, and often misunderstood ancient plant teacher.


These are inclusive ceremonies and welcome all peaceful beliefs.


While we hold a sacred ceremonial space and work with core shamanic practices that are common to plant-medicine work, we do not make any claims as to the nature of reality. We do not look to promote or dislodge any particular religious/spiritual beliefs.

Highest Light ceremonies are not about getting high for recreational purposes (not that there is anything wrong with that!). This is a deeply immersive experience in a safe and sacred space, using intention, awareness, breath, mind, body, and sound to journey within--to see--to explore the depths of our own being.

Having said that, ceremonies are usually highly enjoyable.




***Doors open at 3:30. We start promptly at 4:20 pm. DOORS CLOSE to late arrivals.


Please come at least 15 min early to check-in, get situated, and to get to know the other journeyers that you will be spending the evening with. 




So Who Is This Ceremony For?


  • ​If you are interested in self-discovery and personal growth, and simply curious about how the intentional use of this ancient plant teacher may be of some benefit, then this ceremony is for you. Benefits listed below under "What May Happen in Ceremony."

  • Anyone who tends to get anxious, overly self-conscious, or have a lot of negative fear-based thoughts when using Cannabis AND would like to explore and transcend those thoughts and emotions in a safe setting with proper guidance.

  • Experienced users that would like to explore the use of Cannabis in a new way beyond medical or recreational use.

  • Total newbies that have never ingested Cannabis before but are interested in trying. This ceremony would be a great space for your first time--safe and supportive.

  • Anyone who would like to heal a strained relationship with Cannabis due to overuse, abuse, or negative attitudes by communing with her in a safe space, along with proper tools and guidance.

  • Anyone interested in exploring other entheogenic plant substances (where they are legal), such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, or Peyote. Highest Light ceremonies provide a foundation and skill set that help to prepare participants for work with other potent plant medicines and substances.




What May Happen in Ceremony?


  • ​You may learn about yourself in a new and different way. Illuminate blind spots in your life that may be preventing you from living to your fullest.

  • Get unstuck! Shift energetic patterns and gain creative insight to help propel you forward on your life path.

  • Heal past trauma. Release stored emotions and energetic blockages through somatic (body) practices.

  • Begin to develop a powerful skill set of awareness, cognitive tools, and other resources to navigate journeywork. This may help you to navigate the ups and downs of your daily "journey" called life!

  • Temporarily elevate your state of consciousness--touch the transcendent and mystical.

  • Dream into your reality. Bridge the inner world of mind and imagination with the outer world of creation and physical manifestation.

  • Enjoy an enchanting evening of ceremony and connection with fellow journeyers.




What to Expect


  • ​We begin with an intro discussion and interactive skills workshop (sober).

  • We then commune with Cannabis by consuming medicine prepared specifically for ceremony. Members of our community are currently donating the medicine to share, but this is not a guarantee and not part of your entry. 

  • While we are patiently waiting for the medicine to take hold, we do guided practices to relax the body, quiet the mind, and regulate the breath, so that we may meet our plant ally in an optimal state.

  • Slowly and gently, we tunnel into a magical journey...

  • After, we'll grab some snacks and have a sharemony within a ceremony where we authentically relate with each other through structured sharing. 

  • We close the circle around 10:30 pm, and no later than 11:00. You are welcome to hang for a bit, enjoy provided snacks, and get to know fellow journeyers.



About the Cannabis {Santa Maria}:


​The medicine is currently being donated by members of our community.

Members donate both Cannabis-infused oil and flower to share in ceremony. 


The Cannabis is grown organically in living soil without pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. The flower is infused in organic coconut oil, creating a full-spectrum oil of terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant constituents. She is prayed on regularly. 


​For ceremony, we make a tea with the sacrament. This is a tasty hot chai-like beverage (vegan), inspired by an ancient Cannabis-infused drink, native to India, called a Bhang Thandai.


The tea is infused with other botanical extracts (legal and non-psychoactive) that help to even out some of the less desirable effects of Cannabis. 

As an alternative to tea, you have the option to smoke/vape the shared flower. However, we don't allow both smoking/vaping and consumption of tea. 



Participant Requirements -- IMPORTANT


​ALL over 21 are welcome, experienced cannabis users as well as complete novices!




*********For safety and legal reasons, Interested participants must complete two documents prior to the first ceremony, and then, going forward, only once per calendar year. Complete now, and you won't have to do again until 2021:


Heath Self-Assessment -->


Participant Agreement -->




Sacred Reciprocity / Exchange


To reserve your spot, the exchange is as follows: 

$108 for first-time Colorado residents


$72 for returning Colorado residents


$144 for out-of-state visitors


Tickets available at brownpapertickets.coms -->


Refund Policy

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a full refund will be provided up to 12 pm on the day prior to the event. 

Space is limited in these ceremonies, and your reservation may mean another person can’t attend if canceled at the last minute.

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Mark Abrams

If we keep swimming far enough upstream, we will eventually arrive at the source of most of our personal, interpersonal, and collective suffering/challenges on this planet.


That source is consciousness. Much can be said about it, but in summary, it's been neglected and urgently needs some major tlc.


​My lifelong passion is to be a catalyst for personal and planetary healing through the evolution of consciousness (starting with my own), and its troublemaker offspring--thought.


In this life, I have experienced being a lost, confused, troubled soul with my own unique set of physical health and other life challenges. My unexamined consciousness and thoughts have taken me on quite the ride with many wrong turns.


Trying to correct course and find my way, I have been on an expansive personal journey of physical and emotional healing over the past 30 years--a regular meditator over the last ten years, and a seeker of truth all my life.


I remain an imperfect being with many flaws (to use polite language). I do my best to accept and embrace them all while chipping away. Awareness is the first step.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. 


Wholeheartedly committed to the path of awakening, by living life as a ceremony, I am a practitioner of the way of Kriya Yoga as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda. 


Combined with Kriya Yoga teachings, meditation, and many other sober practices (including shadow work)--the intentional, intelligent, and skillful use of plant medicines like Ayahuasca, Psilocybe Mushrooms, San Pedro, and Cannabis, have been instrumental in my journey of self-discovery and personal evolution, continuously informing and refining my path.

Cannabis is my main plant-ally. In addition to significant direct experience over many years with this sacred plant, I am in my 4th year of openly guiding group journeys.


I have extensively studied the historical and modern spiritual use of Cannabis for inner exploration and healing. I continue to learn and grow--ALWAYS remaining a student.


On the safety end, I have completed an intensive psychedelic-harm-reduction certificate program from Medicinal Mindfulness, located in Boulder, CO.

In 2016, I started Spread the Hug, a project to reduce fear and intolerance in the world, and encourage a culture of kindness.


I am passionate about assisting this sacred and ancient plant teacher, through Highest Light--Cannabis {Santa Maria} Living Journeywork Ceremonies--bringing what I believe to be her greatest gift to the world.

Facebook Event Invite -->

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love notes from journeyers


"Our facilitator was very clear, organized, and intentional with setting a structure to ensure a safe and healthy journey. He offered us a map. Literally. As the medicine assimilated into our bodies we were guided in a variety of presence practices to be leaned on as a home base to come back to during our personal journey time. I found these very soothing and centering and appreciated the bridge that was created from sobriety into altered consciousness. For the next few hours, I dove into a deep state of awakened embodiment, guided by the most thoughtfully inspired musical playlist, as well as pauses of silence and live singing bowls. I felt safe to embark into the unknown, trusting the space, the practices, and the guide. I feel immense gratitude to the plant medicine for teaching me about myself, and appreciation for the skillful, loving-kindness of our guide.  For anyone curious about a cannabis ceremony, I highly recommend Highest Light as trusted, and heart-centered."
--Lisa Pranam, Lafayette CO

"One thing that was profound about the first experience with Highest Light was the care taken. Mark has an energetic way of making people feel welcome and warm. My experience has been that you enter into a clear guiding intention and process the moment you walk in the door. One of the unique parts about what Mark offers is that he has worked in a training protocol into the journey itself. He provides a scaffolded map of how to navigate the territory of a journey space through experiential practices. All of the techniques create a medicine bag of tools for my journey in a collective method. This method is one of the most valuable aspects that I’ve gotten out of participating in Highest Light journeys. If people are looking to try a plant medicine journey for the first time, I think a Cannabis ceremony is ideal. I think Highest Light is one of those great practitioners. And if you already have a plant medicine practice, and you want to up-level your skills about how you navigate your inner landscape, coming and trying this at least once makes complete sense."
-- Justin Taylor, Boulder CO

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"I have sat in ceremony with Mark as my guide and I had a beautiful, safe, deeply healing experience. He has the highest of integrity and his heart is so pure and loving. I could totally surrender into the safety and divine love he created in our sacred space. I feel so much allowance to be my authentic self in his presence, to say what is in my heart and feel deeply held. His light and unconditional love and presence are transformative!'
-- Ananda Bologna, Atlanta GA

"I participated in one of Mark's cannabis ceremonies and had a wonderful experience!  He created a beautiful, comfortable space where everyone felt emotionally and physically safe during the whole process.  He took time at the beginning to clearly explain how the evening would go and what each of us could do to take care of ourselves and get the most out of our experience.  He also masterfully blended gentle music, mindfulness, and group discussion at the end of the journey, which made the overall experience delightfully holistic and collective. I highly recommend engaging in a ceremony." 
Eric A., Marietta GA

Naveen Hex 2.png

"I have had the great pleasure of experiencing several of Mark's sacred cannabis ceremonies. He holds the ceremonial space impeccably and they seem to keep getting better and better. His love for the medicine and his dedication to its reverential use as a transformational tool is clear and present. Unlike some other similarly themed gatherings, Mark goes to great lengths to teach the participant clear and practical mindfulness-based tools to utilize during the cannabis journey in order to get the most out of the experience. If you feel the impulse to sign up or even have curiosity about it, I suggest you give it a try. I am very confident you will not be disappointed."
Naveen Thomas MD, MPH  Boulder CO

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